Complete Hospital Bag Checklist for New Mother

"Are you getting closer to the big day? Here’s what you should pack in your hospital bag to make labor, delivery, and recovery more comfortable. This handy list by Care for Child will include all the essentials for you as a new mother, taking the guesswork out of what you’ll need to pack. Continue reading to learn more about the hospital bag for delivery and what you should pack as a hospital bag checklist for delivery in India.

What to Pack In Maternity Hospital Bag For Delivery

Being prepared for labor and delivery involves having a few essential items on hand as well as being ready to amuse yourself while you wait for your baby to be born:
  1. Toiletries
Could you make sure to have a toothbrush and toothpaste, lip balm, deodorant, a brush, and hair ties in your maternity hospital bag? Although hospitals usually provide soap, shampoo, and lotion, you may prefer to bring your own. Since there is typically limited counter space in the bathroom, a hanging toiletry bag can be helpful.
  1. Incontinence Underwear
The hospital will provide pads and mesh underwear, but bring your incontinence underwear as an essential in your pregnancy hospital bag. SuperBottoms MaxAbsorb Bladder Leak Underwear is a long-lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to disposable absorbent diapers and underwear for bladder leaks and incontinence. It is an essential pregnancy bag item because it can absorb light to medium urine, has four layers of fabric, and is leak proof and stain-free, preventing dampness from showing on your clothing.
  1. Your Pillow
Hospitals aren’t known for their comfortable pillows; you’ll want to enjoy every bit of sleep you can get after your baby arrives. Many moms recommend bringing a favorite item home to help keep them as comfortable as possible during labor and support them when they begin breastfeeding, such as our maternity and nursing pillow. If you pack your pillow in a hospital bag for delivery, use a colored or patterned pillowcase to keep it from mixing up with the hospital pillows.
  1. Nursing Pads
Nursing bras and dry feel nursing pads by SuperBottoms are essential in the baby hospital bag checklist as when your milk comes in, which can happen at any time during the first few days after delivery, your breasts are likely to be tender and swollen; therefore, a good bra along with dry feel nursing pads that comes in five layers of cotton padding can provide some comfort and absorb leaks.
  1. Music
Bring your favorite playlists, headphones, earbuds, and a portable speaker if you have them. For some, listening to music while working can be beneficial. The labor can last 24-plus hours straight, so if you make a playlist and add a lot of songs to it, you don’t want to listen to the same 10 songs repeatedly.

Baby Hospital Bag Checklist

After you’ve completed your hospital bag, move on to the essentials for the baby.
  1. Diapers and Wipes
Pack at least a dozen cloth diapers and XtraHydrating baby wipes for your newborn. These dermatologically tested wipes are safe for your baby’s sensitive and rash-prone skin. It is also suitable for premature babies. Also, since it is made of premium plant-based fabric, it is biodegradable. They are safe for both your baby and the environment.
  1. Swaddling Blankets
The hospital will most likely provide swaddling blankets, but having your blanket on hand for skin-to-skin contact is always a good idea. It can also be used to keep your baby warm while you’re driving home. Pack several lightweight SuperBottoms dry-feel swaddle wraps, as these create a snuggly, cozy, and mumma's belly-like space around your newborn baby that makes it feel held and secure.
  1. A Car Seat
Ensure you have a properly installed car seat to bring your baby home from the hospital. The right car seat should be installed when you pack your baby bag so it’s ready for the hospital.


In conclusion, having a well-prepared hospital bag is essential for a smooth and comfortable experience during childbirth. The comprehensive hospital bag checklist and maternity hospital bag checklist for new mothers ensures that you have everything you need for your stay at the hospital. From essential items like comfortable clothing, toiletries, and important documents, to things specific to your needs and preferences, such as nursing bras, snacks, and entertainment options, this checklist covers all the bases. It is essential to consider your specific requirements and consult with your healthcare provider or seek advice from experienced mothers when preparing your hospital bag. By being prepared and organized, you can focus on the precious moments of welcoming your new baby into the world with peace of mind and confidence.

Important Note From Care For Child Team:-

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1: What is a hospital bag for delivery?

A1: A hospital bag for delivery is a carefully packed bag that expectant mothers bring to the hospital or birthing center when preparing to give birth. It contains essential items to ensure comfort, convenience, and preparedness during their stay.

Q2: What should be included in a hospital bag checklist or maternity hospital bag checklist for delivery?

A2: A hospital bag checklist for delivery typically includes comfortable clothing, toiletries, important documents (ID, insurance information), nursing bras, maternity pads, diapers, baby clothes, feeding essentials, and entertainment options like books or music.

Q3: Is there a specific hospital bag checklist or maternity hospital bag checklist for delivery in India?

A3: While the essentials remain similar, a hospital bag checklist for delivery in India may include additional items like traditional clothing for the mother and baby, massage oils, and items for religious or cultural ceremonies.

Q4: What should be included in a maternity hospital bag checklist?

A4: A maternity hospital bag checklist includes items for the mother's comfort and well-being during and after childbirth. This may include maternity pads, nursing bras, comfortable clothing, toiletries, breast pads, and any specific medications or medical equipment your healthcare provider recommends.

Q5: Is it necessary to pack a separate hospital bag for the mother and baby?

A5: It is generally recommended to pack separate hospital bags for the mother and baby. This ensures that each has the necessary items for their specific needs, such as clothing, toiletries, and baby essentials like diapers and clothing.

Q6: When should I pack my hospital bag?

A6: It is advisable to pack your hospital bag for delivery around the 36th week of pregnancy. This allows you to be prepared in case of an early arrival and gives you ample time to double-check and make any necessary additions or adjustments to your bag. Remember, every expectant mother's needs may vary, so it's essential to personalize your hospital bag checklist based on your preferences, cultural requirements, and recommendations from your healthcare provider."
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