Choosing Best Baby Blankets For Newborn Babies

No matter what part of the world a baby is born in, a cold country or a hot and humid country, baby blankets are always going to be a part of a newborn child’s early life journey. When a baby is born, it takes a little time for them to get used to the atmosphere outside the safety and security of a mother’s womb. A blanket, and of course a parent’s hug is the closest to making them feel the warmth and cosiness from when inside the womb. Thus, having a perfect blanket for them is a crucial task.  And if you are a parent living in a warmer country like UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain, Armenia, Qatar, Oman, Kazhakstan etc, and wondering if you even need a baby blanket, this article is meant for you. The Care for Child article will help you understand the importance of a newborn baby blanket and how to choose the best baby blanket! Read on!

Importance Of Newborn Baby Blankets

Every time you will see a picture of a newborn baby, you will see them cuddled up inside a blanket with their calm angel face holding on to their blankets. Sometimes babies and their blankets are inseparable. Wherever the baby goes, parents have to take their baby’s favourite blanket along to let the baby have a peaceful sleep. Here are some benefits that a baby blanket holds:
  • The Emotional Value – As mentioned earlier, babies do form certain kinds of attachment to their blankets. The similar smell, comfort, familiarity and security that a blanket brings to a baby, help them self-soothe and put them to sleep if they get up in the middle of their sleep. This is the reason a baby blanket is also popularly known as a security blanket or a comforter. Many kids are attached to their baby blankets even when they are grown up due to the emotional comfort and value it holds for them.
  • Better Sleep – A good quality blanket is soft on your baby’s skin and helps them feel warm and comfortable. That stimulates better sleep as a result. Thus good quality cotton blankets or other blankets made of natural fibres help babies sleep better.
  • Temperature Control – For at least the initial year and a half, babies are not able to regulate their body's temperature naturally. A blanket can help them regulate their body temperature. Baby blankets made from organic cotton, such as SuperBottoms Baby Blankets are best at doing this. Natural fabrics such as Cotton have a unique property that helps you feel cooler in the summer and feel warmer in the winter.
  • Cute And Adorable Look – It is not always the product and its function that is important to keep in the mind. The looks are sometimes as important as the functionality. SuperBottoms Baby Blankets are available in traditional and cute prints that parents and babies will love equally.

Things To Keep In The Mind While Choosing A Baby Blanket

Easy as it may sound, finding the best products for your baby can sometimes be nothing less than a nightmare. Every parent wants nothing but the best for their baby. And when it comes to a product that their baby will be using probably from day one and will get attached to, will use for a long long time, you need nothing but the best! So, here are things you will keep in mind while buying a baby blanket.
  1. Size – A blanket that is too small in size will be uncomfortable for your baby and will be incapable of keeping them warm. Your baby will also outgrow a small-sized blanket pretty past.  On the other hand, a blanket that is too big, or is ideally meant for an adult will be unsafe for a newborn baby to use. They can get tangled in the blanket or suffocate under a heavy grown-up blanket. Younger babies would not be able to remove the blanket from their faces if it is irritating or suffocating them. Thus buying a perfectly sized blanket that fits newborn babies up to 8 years of age, a blanket such as SuperBottoms Baby Blanket is very important.
  2. Material – The thumb rule is simple. Buy a blanket that is made of natural fabrics and materials such as Cotton, Wool, Hemp etc. and avoid synthetic and uncomfortable materials.
  3. Avoid – Fancy blankets that have tassels, ribbons, metal decorations, bows, frills etc can not only be uncomfortable for the baby but can also have choking hazards. Thus, avoid any extra stuff on the blanket and go for the ones that just have fabric or layers of fabric in them.
  4. Prefer – Blankets that can be wrapped or swaddled around your baby are the best choice for a newborn baby. This way, there is no risk of suffocation or discomfort to your baby. Once your baby starts to roll over, it is advised not to use these, but till then, a swaddle wrap is the best choice.

Hope these quick and easy tips help you get the best blanket for your baby!

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