Congratulations on the birth of your little bundle of joy! And now, life is going to be all about big small decisions that you would make for your baby, till they are not grown enough to make those decisions for themselves! Decisions range from which paediatrician to choose, which are the best diapers for newborn babies, what nail clippers to buy and even how to make your baby sleep – the major and the minor ones! This Care for Child article will focus on one of those major decisions – best diaper for baby. Let us look at why to buy diapers, how to buy diapers, which diapers to buy and the best diapers in India.

Benefits Of A Baby Wearing Diapers

Making babies wear diapers is not a very old practice. It was popularly believed that making babies wear diapers can lead to rashes, skin issues and even major health issues related to the baby’s reproductive system (1). And this is not entirely untrue. Disposable diapers have been linked to reproductive problems in certain studies, and thus parents prefer to go for cloth diapers instead. So, before we look at the best diapers for newborn babies, here are the benefits of making your baby wear a diaper:

  • It makes life easy and convenient for parents.
  • It saves you the time and effort of keeping cleaning the mess, the soiled clothes and underwear after every pee.
  • Eventually, specific reusable cloth diapers help the babies in the process of potty training.

What To Look For When Purchasing A Diaper

Choosing the best diapers for newborn babies is one of the most significant decisions. The following pointers would help you in making that decision:

  • Avoid diapers made of plastic, polyester, or any synthetic material. Instead, go for diapers made of GOTS-certified cotton, hemp or any natural fibres.
  • Diapers such as disposable ones are harmful to the environment, as they end up in landfills and take more than 400 years to decompose. Thus, look for a sustainable material that can be washed and reused.
  • Check the feedback from real users. If you do not wish to go by the reviews on the website, check the communities and tribes <INSERT LINK OF FACEBOOK TRIBE> to see and read real-time experiences and reviews by users and fellow parents!

How To Choose The Diapers For Your Baby

Keep the following five parameters in mind while choosing the best diapers for newborn babies.(h3)

  1. For the best diapers for newborn babies, go for an eco-friendly and skin-friendly material. Plastic and chemical-loaded diapers can cause irritation, redness and rashes in your baby’s private area. Thus, a sustainable soft material like cotton, hemp, or wool is best suited for a child’s body.
  2. How easy is it to wash the diaper after you have used it? How long does it take for the fabric to dry? You must remember these crucial considerations while choosing the best diapers for newborn babies.
  3. Up to what age and weight the diaper would fit the baby, and whether or not you would need to keep upgrading and buying a new stash is equally essential. SuperBottoms UNO fits from 7 KG to 17 KG and can last the whole diapering journey of your baby. Thus, go for the best diapers for newborn babies that are adjustable for all ages.
  4. Whether or not the diaper is entirely or partially waterproof, how many pee counts it can absorb, and how many hours does it last – depending on what stage of potty training your baby is, you will need different diapers.
  5. Your choice will also depend upon the variety of print choices the brand offers.

Best Of SuperBottoms Reusable Diapers

If you are looking for the best diapers for babies in India, SuperBottoms is your go-to brand. Although we are not saying this, the awards, our loyal customers and being a best-selling brand are saying it on our behalf. So here is all you would need in your stash from the brand that brings you the best diaper for baby India.

Newborn UNO

An adjustable diaper that lasts up to 17 KGs or the entire diapering journey of your child, UNO is super absorbent, adjustable, reusable, sustainable and skin-friendly. So, what else do we need in a newborn diaper?

Dry Feel Langot

Dry feel langots are more suitable for infants and newborn babies. They come with soft drawstrings that are gentle on the baby’s skin. Among the best diapers for newborn babies, these langots can hold up to one pee and are an ideal choice for massage, nap, and tummy time for the baby.

Padded underwear

Padded underwear is best suited for the potty-training phase, just like regular pull-up underwear but has multiple layers of absorbent fabric. It helps the baby feel the dampness after peeing to identify the association between the urge to pee and the wetness. This helps in a faster and better toilet training process.
Whatever you choose as the best diapers for newborn babies, ensure that their individual needs, delicate skin and environmental friendliness have been taken care of! Happy Diapering!

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